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Recap: Bite-Sized Goal Setting in our New Reality

Feeling overwhelmed? Feel like your to-do list is just too much to tackle? Well, Sherron Washington, Founder and CEO of P3 Solution, shared some methods and solutions during her high-energy and entertaining presentation, Bite-Sized Goal Setting in our New Reality, last week with the PCMA Gulf States Chapter members.

The “Lunch & Learn” session was sponsored by Domino’s Pizza where the first 50 registered attendees were treated to home or office delivery of free pizza and garlic knots as part of the Domino’s Concierge Service to enjoy during the meeting.

Washington interacted with the attendees and encouraged everyone to focus on their “new normal.” The highly-engaging session had members voicing their thoughts about the challenges they face as Washington gave examples of how to break down those challenges into smaller goals so they can be accomplished.

“I want to give you some to simple steps to build out how to more bite-sized goals or process that will make you execute the goals, but in tiny pieces.”

While attendees made a list of 10 goals they wanted to accomplish both work-related and personal, Washington then had the group prioritize those goals, selecting the top two and circling them.

“Plan big, but think in bite-sized pieces.” said Washington who had some attendees volunteer their goal selections. “You want to make the goals measurable. So, make five steps on how you are going to complete that goal.”

Washington led the group through the steps of her plan reminding everyone that they are resetting their mindset on how to approach making goals and accomplishing them. With working from home and dealing with the at-home distractions and the anxiety that accompanies that, steps to making goal-setting more manageable and attainable is important.

“This is a process to help you guys reclaim your sanity for this new normal,” she said. “If we are feeling anxiety, then we make a large list, we are adding to our anxiety. Think very small. Prioritize those personal goals. Manage your time and manage your mind.”

Washington said once people are able to select their top two goals, make five steps to accomplish those goals and ways to measure that progress they then need to ask for help.

“What or who do you need to help you with completing your goal,” said Washington, who explained that you don’t have to work alone on your goals. If a goal involves research or information or if it’s a new process for you, just ask for help from others and they can assist in reducing the number of steps you need to meeting your challenge.

“You can do this every quarter. Just make your list, pick which two you want to work on and if you finish ahead of schedule, pick the next two,” she said. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

LaChelle Evans, GSC Member

Jena VonderhaarRecap: Bite-Sized Goal Setting in our New Reality