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Member Mondays: Jacquelyn Helton

March 12, 2018

Jacquelyn Helton, CTA
PCMA Gulf States Chapter President
Development Manager
Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau
PCMA Member since 2013
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First job in the meetings & events industry
Allied PRA, Operations Manager

Best part of your current job
My team

What was your motivation for joining PCMA?
To meet new people in the industry

Favorite app, website or tech tool?

Best kept secret in your city
My favorite always involves food, but the island ‘s best kept secret is the Ruins of Pirate Jean LaFitteā€™s Home. Located at 1417 Harborside Drive, Jean Lafitte’s Maison Rouge is one of the most significant historical sites on the Island. The reason: Lafitte of New Orleans fame is perhaps the most famous pirate to have ever called Galveston home. He moved to the island in 1812 after having to evacuate his previous haven, Barataria Bay near New Orleans. Lafitte made his home on the eastern end of Galveston, which back them was known as Isla de San Luis. He allegedly ruled his island haven with an iron fist, continuing his privateering exploits until again driven from the island in 1821 by the U.S. government. Upon leaving he burned the town to the ground, loaded up his gold and left into a sea of rumors about his further exploits. Some say his treasure is buried on Galveston Island or hidden up any of several rivers and streams around Galveston Bay. There are accounts of dredges occasionally coming up with gold or silver in the spoils as they work on the shipping lanes of Galveston Bay. That is why the site is guarded by a chain link fence and barbed wire. Treasure hunters have been searching for Jean Lafitte’s treasure for generations now and it wasn’t uncommon for those same treasure hunters to come and dig up the yard around the former Maison Rouge.

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Nann PhilipsMember Mondays: Jacquelyn Helton